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5 days ago
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AI is Doing a Great Job

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19 days ago
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50 Hilarious Fails That Scream “You Had One Job” (New Pics)

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All of us have those days where nothing goes quite right. You wake up to discover you didn’t put gas in your car or restock your coffee. You drop your phone the moment you open the door. The list goes on and on, but, fortunately, for most of us, these mistakes remain annoying, but mercifully private. 

The “One Job” online community is dedicated to sharing those painful and hilarious moments where something has most definitely gone wrong. So get comfortable as you scroll through, prepare to bask in someone’s pain, upvote your favorite examples and be sure to comment your own thoughts and experiences below. 

#1 Of All The Places You Could’ve Placed This Label…

Image credits: ZhangtheGreat

#2 The Irony Of Setting Up This Sign

Image credits: JohannLau

#3 I Fixed It Myself

Image credits: chetgoodenough

#4 Needed Some Blinds For Our Dark Room At Work The Guy Came To Measure The Window And Assured Us It Would Be 'Completely Dark' This Is What They Installed

Image credits: panoparker

#5 Ah Yes, The Classic Mary Shelley Written By Frankenstein

Image credits: WvMountain

#6 They Changed Arthur's Nose

Image credits: ThisIsMyPassword100

#7 Sounds Like A Blast

Image credits: _Dwarf_Mafia

#8 Forget Something Here;)

Image credits: BadStriking4786

#9 Inana Jones And The Of Destiny

Image credits: garfieldsam

#10 The Hole Is There For A Reason!

Image credits: controller624

#11 Great Retro Tiles Ruined

Image credits: Familiar-Move-3865

#12 ??‍♂️??‍♂️ Somebodies House Down The Block

Image credits: No-Car4760

#13 Okay What Is I Am Looking At ???

Image credits: BadStriking4786

#14 Something Tells Me This Will Not Help My Stomach

Image credits: Justahuman16

#15 To Write Happy Birthday

Image credits: madhatton

#16 It’s Made In Where Exactly?

Image credits: DaJamesPop

#17 The Barista At A Starbucks Messed Up My Lemonade Order

Image credits: jihlandoesreddit

#18 Multi Trillion Dollar University And They Settled On This?

Image credits: Twittledicks

#19 My Amazon Recs. I Don't Even Have A Baby

Image credits: campmonster

#20 Stand Left. And Right

Image credits: EFATO

#21 Is Installing A Light Switch That Hard?

Image credits: Drbluebook

#22 Loading In Progress

Image credits: nice-queen997

#23 Never Seen An Animal With The Name Milk Before

Image credits: DrPopCat7758

#24 Yes Reddit, The Similarities Are Striking

Image credits: Torquggis

#25 We Paid Money For This?

Image credits: Buckwees

#26 If It Doesnt Fit, Cut It

Image credits: Similar_Ad_3910

#27 Finally Built The Stairs

Image credits: 4reddityo

#28 Always Fold Your Laundry Before Putting It In The Dryer

Image credits: lavendertail

#29 Is This Supposed To Make People Separate The Things Cuz This Doesn´t Makes A Lot Of Sense

Image credits: MineProgresser99

#30 Perhaps More Aptly Named: Unhappy Doughnuts

Image credits: Bananaenvious

#31 Then Why Even Buy The Tshirt

Image credits: LongjumpingCan4817

#32 How Do You Even Park?

Image credits: HippoEXE

#33 I Think My Fortune Cookie Forgot How To Be A Fortune Cookie

Image credits: SteerNaught

#34 How Does This Happen On A Burger

Image credits: PeterDaGrape

#35 I Wondered Why These Numbers Looked So Weird

Image credits: Mizuki_Neko

#36 So Close To Clever, But Not Quite

Image credits: DaJoda102

#37 I Try To Give The USPS Some Credit But Wtf Is This?

Image credits: [deleted]

#38 Absolutely Not In English

Image credits: CRYSTALek2799

#39 This Random Toilet In The Hall

Image credits: Wahwahheeeeeeeeeee

#40 Have To See This 3 Times A Day!

Image credits: AnAccidentalRedditor

#41 The Accessible Toilet At My School Being Completely Inaccessible To Everyone

Image credits: [deleted]

#42 Street In Germany Be Like

Image credits: ResponsibleSkirt7789

#43 My Teacher Printed The Video File On Paper

Image credits: Huge-Technician2889

#44 Parking Ticket Person Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing

Image credits: Crocotta1

#45 Charge By The Mile

Image credits: 4reddityo

#46 How Did This Pass Qc

Image credits: ThatEvilSpaceChicken

#47 This Not Supposed To Go Here:)

Image credits: BadStriking4786

#48 Dublin Jet Bridge Rips Door Off Of American Airlines Boeing 787-8

Image credits: 4reddityo

#49 Ok What Is The Code? How About Change It Up From Time To Time!!!

Image credits: [deleted]

#50 The Replaced The Tiles In My Dorm Hallway. It’s Supposed To Be 3 Solid Blue Lines…

Image credits: Angelghoulva

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29 days ago
Number 11 has to be a Padaria Portuguesa
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B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart for Wed, 17 Apr 2024

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B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart on Wed, 17 Apr 2024

Source - Patreon

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50 days ago
Someone found a Krazy Kat book down the back of the sofa...
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The lies that convinced people to vote for Brexit

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Brexit lies and propaganda

Of all the awful, idiotic, dangerous and/or cruel ideas that have come down through the right wing noise machine, competition is high for the most damaging. But it seems we may have a winner: Brexit. As The Guardian reports: 

While negotiating [the UK] exit from the EU, the government repeatedly promised that environmental protections would not be eroded.

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The post The lies that convinced people to vote for Brexit appeared first on Boing Boing.

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64 days ago
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Animated Putty

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How old is claymation? A lot older than you think! Walter R. Booth and F. Percy Smith produced Animated Putty in 1911! It is believed to be Britain's oldest claymation film. (via Nag on the Lake) https://nagonthelake.blogspot.com/

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75 days ago
I'm kind of amazed how well this holds up.
FourSquare, qv
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