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Elon Musk says advertising boycott will kill X

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In a profanity-laced outburst, the billionaire accuses firms of trying to blackmail him with ad dollars.
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3 days ago
Ah, finally some good news.
FourSquare, qv
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Gen Zers are reportedly paying top dollar for vintage refurbished iPods


The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that vintage iPods are all the rage with kids these days — a trend the Inquirer first picked up when Philly-based Urban Outfitters began selling refurbished models on its website:

Check on your millennial friends today. Urban Outfitters is calling their old MP3 players "vintage."

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3 days ago
I want to see them try to get into the Zune or the Zen.
Overland Park, KS
2 days ago
I really liked my ZuneHD, but it died after a few years :(
3 hours ago
That is a sadness. I miss having an mp3 player, thinking about getting one again.
3 days ago
The 30 pin cables are still on Amazon and Ali express....
FourSquare, qv
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Mom Doesn’t Understand Why Daughter Is Cold While She Keeps The House At 16°C

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As temperatures drop, the cooler months are getting increasingly more difficult to bear, encouraging people to start playing with their thermostats.

This young woman was not given access to the thermostat in her home, though. Her parents asked the AITA community if they were in the wrong for not letting their daughter turn up the heating as she was the only one feeling cold, and the internet said yes. Scroll down for the full story.

The colder months of the year require more effort to keep comfortable, be it turning up the heating or layering up

Image credits: RossHelen (not the actual photo)

This woman suggested that her daughter put on more layers if she’s cold and refused to give her access to the thermostat

Image credits:  Erik Mclean (not the actual photo)

Image credits: thermostataita

Image credits: Karolina Grabowska(not the actual photo)

Staying warm through the colder months might require taking a hit to the wallet

The cold months are not easy to bear, neither physically nor financially. It’s unclear whether money was the reason the parents in the story were hesitant to turn the heating up, but for quite a few people, heating prices are a strong encouraging factor to layer up instead of touching the thermostat.

The Office for National Statistics pointed out that the UK has experienced a substantial increase in heating prices in 2022. It suggested that because of the rising price cap set by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, the average annual bill for households rose by roughly £3000, from £1,277 to £4,279. However, because of the government-provided support, the average costs for households were estimated to remain at £2,500 per year, at least until April 2023.

Such prices have understandably made people worried about facing the colder time of the year. The Office for National Statistics reported that roughly six in ten adults were concerned about keeping their home warm over the winter, and nearly one in four said they weren’t able to keep theirs warm over the last two weeks leading up to the survey (carried out in December, 2022).

According to 2023 data, most UK households—roughly 78% of them—use gas central heating to keep their homes nice and warm over the winter. This option is far in the lead, followed by electric and oil central heating both used by roughly 5% of households. No matter the method, increasing prices have affected quite a few people, as surveys reveal that nearly half of adults in Great Britain had to minimize using gas and electricity in their homes because of rising costs of living.

Image credits: 100 files (not the actual photo)

Some people feel more hot or cold than others even when affected by the same temperature

Whether the house is comfortably warm or not, some people might feel more hot or cold than others even while in the same environment. That depends on the intricate processes of thermoregulation of each individual’s body, the issues with which can result in them being heat or cold intolerant.

Take cold intolerance, for instance—extreme sensitivity to low temperatures. According to Medical News Today, it is a disruption in the body’s process of temperature regulation. The process itself starts with the hypothalamus—a part of the brain that works like an inbuilt thermostat—sending messages around the body in order to heat or cool it.

The messages are received by the thyroid gland, responsible for one’s metabolism, which is informed of the need to increase the consumption of calories. When a person consumes those calories, they can generate energy and warm up. The circulatory system then spreads the heat around the body; but if there’s a disruption anywhere in the process, the person might not feel warm enough.

In the case of heat intolerance—when a person feels extra sensitive to high temperatures—the body also listens to the signals from the hypothalamus, but it reacts in a different way. Upon receiving the signals, the nerves on the skin increase sweat production, which then evaporates and cools down the body.

The OP didn’t detail whether her daughter was cold intolerant, or the temperature at home was simply too low for her to feel comfortable. Be that as it may, the woman’s position on not letting the daughter control the thermostat seemingly split the internet community into camps; while some seemed somewhat appalled by her views, others could see where she was coming from.

The OP shared more details in the comments

Quite a few people believed the parents are in the wrong here

Some redditors sided with the mom and dad

The post Mom Doesn’t Understand Why Daughter Is Cold While She Keeps The House At 16°C first appeared on Bored Panda.

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19 days ago
They need to get checked out for high blood pressure.
FourSquare, qv
9 days ago
This reads like a very good troll, tbh. I don't see how someone who later proves themselves to not give a f*** about her own daughter's comfort at home cared enough to write that post in the first place. I was pushed over the edge when reading some of the captured comments and responses. She says that "all the radiators are on max" so they can't warm up one room without warming up all the others. Well, maybe turn all the other radiators except the cold daughter's *down*? How does this not occur to a person? The complete nonchalance with which she dismissed calls for compromise is creepy.
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Moms For Liberty's leader in Philadelphia is a registered sex offender


Phillip Fisher Jr. is a pastor and Republican ward leader who coordinates faith-based outreach for Philadelphia’s Moms for Liberty chapter.

He’s also a registered sex offender, due to a 2012 felony conviction for aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy when Fisher was 25.

Fisher insists that he did nothing wrong, despite pleading guilty to one of 12 counts filed against him after an investigation by the Chicago Police Department, according to court records obtained by The Inquirer.

Fisher was living in Chicago at the time. But he’s from Philadelphia and has since returned and become active in local politics.

He is the pastor at the Center of Universal Divinity in Olney and works with Moms for Liberty, a national conservative organization that bills itself as a defender of parental rights, by connecting the Philadelphia chapter with other local faith leaders in an effort to grow the group.

He said his conviction is the result of a “railroad job” concocted by the political action committee for Lyndon LaRouche, a fringe conspiracy theorist who ran repeatedly for president.

Fisher, who worked for LaRouche’s organization, called it “a cult” and said he was set up while trying to break free.

His criminal history came as a shock to Vince Fenerty, chair of Philadelphia’s Republican City Committee.

» READ MORE: Moms for Liberty: What it is and who’s behind the group

Fenerty said he was unaware of Fisher’s conviction until asked about it by The Inquirer last week. On Friday, he demanded and received Fisher’s resignation as leader of the 42nd Ward, which includes the neighborhoods of Olney, Feltonville, and Juniata Park.

A national spokesperson for Moms for Liberty did not respond to a request for comment about Fisher’s criminal history.

Sheila Armstrong, another Republican ward leader who chairs the local Moms for Liberty chapter, said she was also surprised. She said Fisher has been active in community outreach events with local and federal law enforcement, and she expressed concern that children were sometimes part of that.

Armstrong was astounded to hear about Fisher’s criminal past because she had just received from the state Department of Human Services on Thursday a “child abuse history certification” in Fisher’s name so that he could volunteer for an upcoming Christmas Party for an autism nonprofit that she operates.

That certificate said “no records exist” in the state’s database listing Fisher “as a perpetrator of an indicated or founded report of child abuse.”

A DHS spokesperson, asked about the certificate, said “not all criminal convictions involving minors are considered child abuse,” under the state’s Child Protective Services Law.

Fisher is listed on Pennsylvania’s “Megan’s Law” website for registered sex offenders, maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police, in a file last updated in July. That includes some details about his conviction, annual photos he is required to submit, and his home address in Philadelphia.

» READ MORE: Why Moms for Liberty was designated an ‘extremist’ group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Involvement in local and national Republican politics

Fisher has been an active participant in local and national politics in recent years.

For Moms for Liberty in Philadelphia, he said he helped connect the group with other pastors, a rabbi, and an imam.

”Given that I am a known and respected pastor throughout the city, I have ties with different religious organizations from Philadelphia to Lancaster,” Fisher told The Inquirer.

The national Moms for Liberty organization held a summit in Philadelphia this past summer, where denying transgender identity for children and removing books from school libraries were major themes.

The summit featured speeches from former President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Armstrong, who was part of the planning committee, said Fisher was a volunteer at the summit.

Fisher has supported Trump’s campaigns; a 2020 report by WHYY included a mural in support of Trump that Fisher said was painted on an exterior wall of his church by children he worked with in his congregation.

He was a guest on 1210 WPHT last fall after campaigning with Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz.

And he helped organize and run a town hall meeting in August for David Oh’s Republican campaign for mayor in Philadelphia.

A criminal case in Chicago

Fisher, in two interviews with The Inquirer, confirmed the details of his criminal conviction.

He repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and called his conviction “one blip” in his background. He blamed it all on a dispute about his trying to break away from the LaRouche organization, and said the 14-year-old boy and his parents were part of that group.

“It was a political situation that happened between me and Lyndon LaRouche,” Fisher said. “It was a member of his camp, his party, that made the accusation. They pushed it through. It was really a railroad job.”

Documents from the Cook County Clerk of Circuit Court show that a grand jury there indicted Fisher in January 2011 on 12 felony counts of sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Fisher waived his right to a jury trial 15 months later and was adjudicated guilty on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a minor between the ages of 13 and 17.

The charging documents allege that Fisher had oral and anal sex with the 14-year-old boy in January 2011.

Those documents don’t say how Fisher met the 14-year-old, how the case came to the attention of law enforcement, or any defense Fisher offered in the case before pleading guilty.

He was sentenced to three years in prison and given credit for nearly 20 months he spent in jail waiting for his case to come to court, followed by two years of supervised release.

Fisher said he took the plea bargain to get out of the county jail, where he said he experienced violence from other prisoners.

“I actually broke down,” he said. “I said I’ll do whatever I have to do to get out of there.”

Fisher said he went to Illinois “through the LaRouche organization,” in a case of what he called human trafficking.

“At the time, I was the victim,” Phillips said. “What they did was basically trumped up charges to drown out the complaints that I was making on the issues of human rights.”

Two photos published on the website of the visual media company Getty Images corroborate that he worked with the LaRouche campaign, as they show Fisher protesting outside of a town hall meeting about health care at a Chicago church in August 2009 on behalf of LaRouche’s political action committee.

In the photos, Fisher held a large poster with a picture of then-President Barack Obama defaced to add a mustache like the one made infamous by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

Fisher confirmed for The Inquirer that he is the person in those photos.

Fisher is registered on a sex offender list kept on a website maintained by the Illinois State Police, which includes his photograph and information that the victim in the case was 14 years old.

That information is also listed on the National Sex Offender Website maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice.

While Fisher’s background came as a shock to people who work with him, he noted that the information was always publicly available.

“I never went out of my way to hide anything,” he said. “I’m in the database. It’s an easy search.”

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19 days ago
FourSquare, qv
20 days ago
Washington, DC
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Trump’s Truth Social business risks revealed in new SEC filing - The Washington Post

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Former president Donald Trump’s social network Truth Social is facing “substantial doubt” about its future after burning through tens of millions of dollars in operating costs, a new filing shows.

A financial filing Monday by Digital World Acquisition, the investment partner of Trump’s start-up, said the accountants of Trump Media & Technology Group believed the Trump company’s “financial condition” had left it at risk.

In the first six months of the year, Trump Media lost $22.9 million on only $2.3 million in net sales, according to the document, which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“TMTG has suffered negative cash flows and recurring losses from operations that raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern,” the document said, citing a report from Trump Media’s independent registered public accounting firm.

In the filing, Digital World said that Trump Media’s management believes that the money they expect to raise from a proposed merger would be “sufficient to retire existing debt and to fund existing operations should projected cash flow be insufficient.”

Digital World, which announced plans to merge with Trump Media in October 2021, has seen its progress toward the deal delayed for months, preventing Trump Media from tapping the $300 million Digital World raised from shareholders.

The document, which runs more than 500 pages, is a revision of its initial registration form and was filed by Digital World in an attempt to complete the merger.

It offers some of the first internal details of Trump’s company, which was launched after he lost the White House and has become the centerpiece of his post-presidential business ambitions. Trump posts almost exclusively to Truth Social, the company’s primary business.

Trump Media chief executive Devin Nunes said in a statement that the filing was a “monumental milestone” toward completing the merger and said Truth Social aspires “to become the centerpiece of a movement, as well as a method for Americans to invest in their freedom.”

In July, the SEC said it had settled fraud charges against Digital World related to “material misrepresentations” the company had made about its initial merger plans with Trump Media. In its original registration statement, known as a Form S-4, Digital World “mischaracterized and omitted information about the history of its interactions with TMTG,” according to an SEC statement.

The SEC said then that Digital World had agreed to file an amended S-4 that is “materially complete and accurate.” The SEC also said that, as part of the settlement, Digital World had agreed to pay an $18 million penalty once the merger is completed.

The filing also said that Trump Media has a number of outstanding promissory notes worth millions of dollars that are scheduled to come due within the next year.

Trump Media’s revenue included $2.3 million in net sales in the first half of this year and $1.4 million last year, according to the Digital World filing. For comparison, X, the social network formerly called Twitter, took in more than $2.3 billion in revenue in the first six months of 2022, according to an SEC filing last year.

Truth Social has struggled to build an online audience.

Trump Media projected in 2021 that the site would have 41 million total users by the end of this year, but its online traffic has so far remained below those expectations. In the United States in July, Truth Social’s mobile apps had roughly 500,000 monthly active users and its website was visited about 1 million times, according to estimates from Similarweb, a data firm that analyzes web traffic.

In 2021, Trump Media pledged that its merger with Digital World would create a Big Tech-style giant worth $875 million at the start and potentially up to $1.7 billion, depending on its stock performance. In a campaign financial filing in April, Trump valued his stake in the company, of which he owns 90 percent, at between $5 million and $25 million.

Trump Media had also pledged in 2021 to build up other media businesses, including a subscription video service, TMTG+, that pledged to offer “Trump-specific programming” and other “non-woke” entertainment. In the Monday filing, Digital World said Trump Media eliminated several jobs that had “significantly impacted TMTG’s streaming video on demand (SVOD) and infrastructure teams.”

The filing said Trump Media’s business is heavily dependent on the former president’s “popularity and presence” and noted that Trump is “the subject of numerous legal proceedings, the scope and scale of which are unprecedented for a former president.” An “adverse outcome” in those cases could hurt the company, the filing said.

“The death, incarceration or incapacity of President Trump,” the filing stated, could also “negatively impact TMTG’s business.”

Digital World has faced its own financial issues, telling the SEC in filings earlier this year that its financial statements for 2021 and 2022 should “no longer be relied upon” due to “a material weakness in its internal control over financial reporting.”

In an amended statement this month, Digital World said it had spent $10.8 million, or nearly half of its total expenses, on legal fees related to government investigations in 2021 and 2022.

Digital World has said in filings it has faced investigations by the Department of Justice, the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority related to stock trades made before the company’s merger deal was announced.

The filing Monday warned that Digital World faces “mandatory liquidation” unless it can complete its merger deal by September 2024.

In June, the SEC charged a former Digital World board member, Bruce Garelick, and two others with insider trading related to the deal. In July, Digital World said it had settled charges with the SEC related to “material misrepresentations” in its filings and agreed to pay an $18 million penalty if the merger deal completes.

In October, Digital World said investors had pulled out of roughly $467 million in commitments to what’s known as a private investment in public equity, or PIPE, and that the company was working to cancel the remaining $533 million.

The company, which once said the $1 billion PIPE would be key to growing the business, said in a statement last month that ending the PIPE was a positive move that would help finalize the deal “as soon as possible.”

Aaron Gregg contributed to this report.

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19 days ago
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.
FourSquare, qv
26 days ago
Washington, DC
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125 Posts About The ’90s That Might Hit You With A Wave Of Nostalgia

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The ‘90s stand out as a decade of distinct design, leaving a unique and unforgettable mark on the cultural landscape. From neon aesthetics, iconic TV shows, and blockbuster movies to the spread of the World Wide Web, it was an era of pop culture and innovation. Remember the vibrant colors, quirky patterns, funky tech gadgets, and iconic logos? They were the blueprint of the ‘90s.

A subreddit called “90sDesign,” devoted to sharing the aesthetics of this decade, has gathered a collection of the most vivid styles of the ‘90s. Let's take a nostalgic trip back in time, exploring these designs that continue to charm us with their explosion of creativity to this day.

#1 Who Remembers Living Rooms Like This?

Image credits: LuigiMario1997

The early 1990s inherited and evolved from the vibrant trends of the 1980s. The preceding decade was marked by vivid colors, big hair, and an innovative spirit; people broke free from conventional norms and made bold statements.

It represented an era of empowerment, as women’s participation in the labor force increased significantly and shattered glass ceilings across professions. In 1986, Oprah Winfrey made history by producing and owning her own talk show, serving as an inspiration for other women. The landscape of pop culture in the 1980s was shaped by the appearance of mall arcades, the emergence of MTV as the first music video channel, and iconic TV shows.

#2 This Custom Painted Game Boy

Image credits: EMF911

#3 Gotta Love Malls That Still Like This. One Of My Favorite Movie Theaters Too

Image credits: AnonymousIdeas

#4 These Were So Cool

Image credits: reddit.com

The rest of the decade was mainly led by technological progress, which offered almost unlimited possibilities for expression. As a result, the ‘90s were not just one unified design movement but had many different directions. Grunge and minimalism emerged and became rebellious aesthetics in their own ways, one by challenging the consumerism of pop and the other by rejecting its excess and loudness.

Bright, bold colors were a trademark of the ‘90s: magenta, neon green, electric blue, and other saturated hues dominated the color palettes of the time. The style of techno-futurism reflected the enthusiasm for the emerging digital age. It was characterized by a sleek, futuristic aesthetic with metallic finishes, neon colors, and digitally inspired graphics. Additionally, color gradients and funky patterns were important design elements that added a special touch to the media.

#5 Clarissa Explains It All

Image credits: FourthAge

#6 Clear Phone From The '90s

Image credits: OmicronGR

#7 Full Dose Of 90's

Image credits: FourthAge

In just a decade, people saw tremendous progress in technology, from “Nokia” to the first search engine “Google”. Newly introduced technological advances stirred anxieties, and among them was the infamous "Millennium Bug”. Millions feared an internet crash on New Year’s Eve of 2000, believing systems couldn't correctly interpret the transition to the year '00' and potentially causing civilization to crumble. When midnight struck, almost nothing happened, bringing relief to everyone.

Paul Saffo, a professor at Stanford University, says that the Y2K crisis didn’t happen because programmers started preparing for it a decade in advance while people weren’t aware of it. Incidents like U.S. spy satellites that stopped working for days prove that if no steps were taken to address them, the potential damage might have been much worse.

#8 I Need You To Understand My Obsession With Mid 90's Boat Upholstery And Interiors

Image credits: ravenshaddows

#9 90’s Movie Theater Frozen In Time

Image credits: BingoxBronson

#10 This Depiction Of 2020 On A 27 Year Old School Folder

Image credits: MMoney2112

Despite fears related to technology, people continued to advocate for what is right. In the early ’90s, the third wave of feminism empowered women to live life on their terms, leading to greater freedom in expressing their sexuality through speech, dress, and actions. Simultaneously, black people in the US received significant positions as mayors, members of Congress, and leaders in medicine, sports, and academia. Nevertheless, these achievements often came at a cost; protests for black rights frequently led to violence, arrests, looting, and arson.

#11 Borders Book Store In Highland, Indiana (1997)

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#12 As Requested...l I G H T B A R

Image credits: Talbottt93

#13 Abandoned McDonald's On A Remote Alaskan Island

Image credits: Slick_Grimes

'90s nostalgia is experiencing a long-lasting comeback compared to any other decade. Psychologist Erica Hepper suggests that feelings of nostalgia peak twice in life: in young adulthood and again in old age. For young adults, it helps to deal with transitions, as they’re just moving away from home or starting their new careers. Millennials, like other generations, turn back on memories of holidays, pets, and life in school, seeking nostalgia as a source of comfort. Nowadays, the surge of ‘90s nostalgia is fully embraced online in a way previous generations couldn’t.

#14 Ops Grandma Worked At Kmart In The 90s And Received This Promotional Nintendo Hat

Image credits: graveflower421

#15 I Recently Completed My Living Room/Kitchen Which Features Many Pieces Of 90s IKEA Furniture As Well As Being Heavily Influenced By That Decade In General

Image credits: michaelpybus

#16 The Box For This Copy Of Ms-Dos 5

Image credits: Porkchop_King

#17 This Movie Themed Burger King In Brooklyn, New York Seems Completely Untouched Since The 90’s

Image credits: tony_dildos

#18 This Area Of My Local Laundromat Is Frozen In The 90’s

Image credits: reddit.com

Recent movie releases such as Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”, a significant part of ‘90s culture, and revived fashion trends like Birkenstocks, claw clips, and biker shorts indicate the sneaky comeback of this aesthetic. Contemporary music releases often feature modern reworks of ‘90s hits, giving them a fresh edge and leading to massive success on charts and dance floors. Even in home design, elements like limewash, travertine, and floral wallpaper are making a comeback, inspired by the turn of the millennium. These modernized and polished ‘90s trends are returning, offering the nostalgic and vintage feel that many of us adore.

Dear Pandas, are there any ‘90s relics you wish you could bring back?

#19 Worth $5 Just To Look At It, I’d Say. Cool!!

Image credits: boilons

#20 A Cinemark Theater In Summer 1995

Image credits: gredgex

#21 My “Solo Jazz” Controller Is Finally Complete! ?

Image credits: astrodomekid

#22 Igmur Blessed Me With Such A Vending Machine

Image credits: LuigiMario1997

#23 Nickelodeon Time Blaster Alarm Clock From 1995!

Image credits: pauly_pasqually

#24 A Very 1990 Picture: Children Jogging Outside The Nickelodeon Studios Attraction Located At The Universal Studios Florida Amusement Park In Orlando, Florida, Circa 1990

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#25 Another Burger King, This One With A More Traditionally 90s Look. I Felt Like I Was In A Time Warp!

Image credits: xtheredberetx

#26 Believe It Or Not: This Was A Cutting Edge Web Portal In 1996

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#27 Nickelodeon "Desk Thing" Organizer (1999)

Image credits: OmicronGR

#28 From The 1991 Sears Fall Catalog: Some Early 90s Youth Styles

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#29 1993

Image credits: FourthAge

#30 I Miss That Cherry Coke Logo

Image credits: dexisking

#31 Someone Posted About Pizza Hut And I Remembered The Old Cups

Image credits: -UMBRA_-

#32 This Target Holiday Ad From 1993

Image credits: ForeverMozart

#33 A Nickelodeon Shop Inside Blockbuster Video (1996)

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#34 From A 90s Architectural Digest Issue

Image credits: ebsworb

#35 Opening Of Circuit City On Route 18 In East Brunswick, Nj - November 1998 (Photos By Jason Towlen)

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#36 Recently Bought Some Gecko Hawaii And Maui & Sons Shirts On Ebay. Surfpunk/Proto-Seapunk Goodness

Image credits: IanGecko

#37 I Miss This Caricature Style That Was Popular In The 90s

Image credits: trademesocks

#38 Rainforest Café - Arizona Mills & Disney Village Marketplace (1997 & 1996)

Image credits: Trendox2K

#39 Hat Worn To The Royal Ascot In 1992

Image credits: Crisis_Redditor

#40 This Stuff. 1997

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 I Had This On The Front Of A Trapper Keeper (Kids Ask Your Parents) When I Was A Kid And Thought It Was The Coolest Thing Ever. I Found The Image Again As An Adult And Turns Out I Was Totally Correct

Image credits: JoeMorgue

#42 1998, Famous Players Movie Theatre, Mississauga, Ontario

Image credits: UglyLikeCaillou

#43 Well That Was Weird Design

Image credits: Express_Squash9940

#44 The Space Jam Website, Still Untouched

Image credits: Karakurizer

#45 Internet Kiosk, Found In An Old Hotel

Image credits: NFIGUY

#46 These Marbled Ballons Were A Thing

Image credits: EducationalNothing4

#47 The Original 1995 Apple Watch

Image credits: tttmmmsss

#48 A Print Ad For The McDonald's Big Mac (Late 90's)

Image credits: StereoJayMonovici97

#49 The Cover Art Of This Computer Programming Book

Image credits: Porkchop_King

#50 Does This Fit? My Local Taco Bell Since 91

Image credits: squashmeimabug

#51 I Brought Some Of Japan’s Beautiful 90s Car Styling Over To Canada With My Imported 1996 Rx7! Simply Timeless

Image credits: Cam4526

#52 This Optional Arizona License Plate (Ca.1990), Still Available Thirty Years Later. Part Of My Own Plate Collection

Image credits: thegratefulted

#53 Wegmans "Video Rental Store" In The 90's. This Was A Store Within A Store At Wegmans Supermarkets

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#54 ‘96 Misty Shopping Baskets Still In Use

Image credits: Duderult

#55 A Very 90’s Style Promo Poster For The 1997 Wichita River Festival

Image credits: BoreOffSky

#56 Hail Corporate

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 [oc] Found At My Local Goodwill , There Wasn’t A Price On It But It Screams The 90’s Mall Design Ascetics

Image credits: Yosemite_Scott

#58 Pizza Hut Cups From 1992

Image credits: FourthAge

#59 Our City's Bus Seats Still Got It!

Image credits: Feralcrumpetart

#60 Stumbled Upon A Roller Skating Rink In Upstate New York Called Skate Time 209 Which Looks Like It Has Not Been Redecorated Since The 90s - But Was In Perfect Condition Inside! What A Relic Of A Place

Image credits: yumpo

#61 Cable In The Classroom Logo

Image credits: gredgex

#62 This Community Centre

Image credits: pussypink

#63 Christmas 1998 At Eastland Mall In Charlotte, Nc

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#64 This Chair And Ottoman At An Estate Sale Today

Image credits: Asthmatic_Romantic

#65 Taboo’s Cover

Image credits: gredgex

#66 1999, Playstation Store At The Sony Metreon Complex In San Francisco, Ca

Image credits: UglyLikeCaillou

#67 1996 College Students Hanging Out. Gotta Love That Mid-90's Look

Image credits: methodwriter85

#68 Although This Is Star Trek, There Is Clearly An Early 90's Influence

Image credits: FourthAge

#69 A Very Creative Design, The 14aa3324 Philips Anubis TV, Aka "Book". Produced In Monza, Italy. (1993)

Image credits: DualCay0te

#70 Really Pretty Neon For The Baby Section At Boscov's In Christiana, Delaware

Image credits: methodwriter85

#71 I Recently Found This Tee My Mom Bought Me In The Mid-Late '90s, And It's As Global Village Coffeehouse As It Can Get

Image credits: FancySource

#72 Should I Buy This. BF Thinks We Should, Interior Designer Friend Thinks We Definitely Shouldn’t

Image credits: lauraebeth

#73 This Thing To Listen To Fm Radio On Your Computer

Image credits: FourthAge

#74 Sherman Oaks, Ca 2022

Image credits: savageprofit

#75 Afternoon Break At Bermuda Island By Eizin Suzuki, 1992

Image credits: acoolrocket

#76 90s Coca-Cola Classic

Image credits: hongmeowpanda

#77 Abandoned Kmart, Straight Out Of The 90s

Image credits: sentientmassofenergy

#78 Adobe Acrobat 4.0

Image credits: ForeverMozart

#79 This Mexican Restaurant Still Uses The Old Cherry Coke Logo

Image credits: GarfieldSighs3

#80 Original Rugrats Animation Cel Used In Making The Show!

Image credits: a_weiner1993

#81 A Compilation Of 90's Malls And Stores

Image credits: ForeverMozart

#82 Early 90's Swatch Watches

Image credits: FourthAge

#83 Mcdonalds I Visited 4 Years Ago, It’s Since Been Demolished

Image credits: sinosijaek

#84 The Living Room, October 1996

Image credits: Salem1690s

#85 Devil Sticks (And This Guy)

Image credits: FourthAge

#86 1990, Pontiac Trans Sport Se

Image credits: UglyLikeCaillou

#87 This Chair’s Back Pattern Felt Very Nostalgic To Me

Image credits: foureyesfive

#88 Final Christmas Post Until Next Year 1992 Toysrus Holiday Catalog

Image credits: GodBlessTexas713

#89 My Broken Ps1, Organized

Image credits: DavidIWright

#90 A Funky Mug I Picked Up At The Thrift Store!

Image credits: bulbawhore

#91 I Keep Thinking This Vase In My Mother’s China Cabinet Belongs Here

Image credits: originalchaosinabox

#92 My Neighbour’s 1996 Dodge Caravan

Image credits: tarynator

#93 Microsoft Wine Guide

Image credits: ForeverMozart

#94 Look At This House, Man

Image credits: pauly_pasqually

#95 In A Movie Theater

Image credits: aprilbearbear

#96 Lion King Color Changing Spoons Ad (1994)

Image credits: OmicronGR

#97 90s Watch

Image credits: mjwetty

#98 Scanned This From The Back Of A Copy Of Nintendo Power

Image credits: reddit.com

#99 The Arby's At Christiana Mall, Circa 2006. This Whole Food Court Was Replaced By A New One And Demolished Around 2009

Image credits: methodwriter85

#100 Found This Limited Edition Tiny Ice Chest From A Rock Festival In 1997!

Image credits: prstele01

#101 Apple's 90s "Cybercafe" Business Concept

Image credits: voodoo_monorail

#102 McDonald's On Flatbush Avenue In Brooklyn

Image credits: dayrem

#103 Snes Magazine Ad, For Doom (1995)

Image credits: proxymoto

#104 Corner Arcade In The Local Theater That Hasn’t Changed Since It Was Built In ‘97

Image credits: AxlCobainVedder

#105 This Entire Picture Is Pure 90s Goodness

Image credits: Porkchop_King

#106 This Electronics Store Supposedly From The UK (1990?)

Image credits: astrodomekid

#107 My First Concert T-Shirt. (And I Still Wear It To This Day)

Image credits: Billbeachwood

#108 Who I Wanted To Be Like 30 Years Ago

Image credits: xJohnnyQuidx

#109 This Soap Screams 90s

Image credits: reddit.com

#110 A Classic. I Posted This In R/80sdesign But Thought It Could Go Here As Well :)

Image credits: firstworkthenbreak

#111 McDonald's Packaging Design From Early 90's-1995. Wish They Brought Back The Lightning Script Logo

Image credits: StereoJayMonovici97

#112 1994 College Student Hanging Out In His Dorm

Image credits: methodwriter85

#113 1993's Jurassic Park Got A Lucky Escape Logo-Wise. I Had To Correct That!

Image credits: Jimi__B

#114 Just Bought A Bunch Of 90s Jazz Cups For $20

Image credits: ExoGeniVI

#115 I Finally Have A Place To Post How Cool My Local Laundromat Waiting Area Is

Image credits: cerareece

#116 The Carpet At This Arcade

Image credits: Porkchop_King

#117 This Telephone!

Image credits: bobmarno

#118 House Built In 1996

Image credits: StaticSpaces

#119 1992 Honda Cub

Image credits: Zephyrus_Phaedra

#120 He May Be The Only Person Who Could Pull This Pattern Off

Image credits: ladykatey

#121 This Utah Jazz Media Guide

Image credits: astrodomekid

#122 This Pillow

Image credits: FourthAge

#123 Pages From A 1990 Nintendo Catalog

Image credits: chipsandsoup

#124 Ninja Turtles Bedroom From 1991 Jcpenney Catalog

Image credits: OmicronGR

#125 This Mug Or This Background

Image credits: logopolys_

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